Name: Trinity Storytellers Handbook
Game line: Trinity (Trinity Universe)
Original company: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Science fiction
Developer: IanWatson
Status: Open
Outline: Outline

The Clock Ticks On[]

With the mysterious Venezuela Phenomenon sweeping the world, rumblings of dissent in the FSA, and rumors of the Coalition headed for Earth, the 22nd century has never been as full of challenges and mysteries. Now, more than ever, you need to know where you stand.

And Cycles Turn[]

The Trinity Storytellers Handbook expands the options available in the Trinity Era, giving Storytellers the information they’ve craved since the very beginning. You’ll learn the secrets of the Æon Trinity, explore Aberrant society, and have a closer look at the field of noetic science. Plus meaty goods like crossover information and new psionic abilities! A must for all Trinity Storytellers!

Trinity Storytellers Handbook includes:[]

  • A new multiple-step character creation system, in the style of Aberrant and Adventure!
  • A look at how Process 418 has begun affecting the world
  • “Crossover” information, including character creation in the Trinity Era, and mixing up each type’s role in the Trinity Universe
  • Entirely new Modes for characters to learn
  • A look into the secret annals of the Æon Trinity, from the Aberrant Era onward

Trinity Storytellers Handbook: Outline

Prologue FictionIntroductionChapter One: The Æon TrinityChapter Two: NoeticsChapter Three: Aberrant SocietyChapter Four: Creating a StoryChapter Five: The Trinity UniverseChapter Six: Above and BeyondChapter Seven: Option: Alternate Character CreationAppendix I: AnimalsAppendix II: Aptitude ChartAppendix III: The Story To ComeIndex